How do I know if the batteries in my devices are working?
When it comes to batteries, no news is good news.

When a device's battery begins to expire, a low-battery alert displays on the Xfinity Home app, and if you have Pro Protection, on your touchscreen.

I just noticed that one of my devices has a low battery. How much time do I have to replace it?
Generally, you have about four to six weeks to replace a low battery, but how long the battery lasts depends on several things, including temperature, WiFi signal strength and how often a sensor is triggered.

For example, the battery in a door sensor that is regularly opened and closed will drain faster than one on a window that is rarely opened. To be on the safe side, it's best to replace batteries within two weeks of the low-battery notification.

What happens if the battery dies completely?
A device with a dead battery can't communicate.

For example, if the battery in a door sensor is dead, it won't tell the system when the door is opened. You won't be able to use the Xfinity Home app or the touchscreen to see if it's closed.

More importantly, if you have Pro Protection, you won't be able to arm your system without bypassing the door zone. 

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