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In 1998, Center Group was founded in GuangDond province, our Chinese main business is battery manufacturing. We specialize in battery research and development from plate of lead acid battery and lithium battery.

In 2012, Center invested approximately USD75 millions in a factory in Xingan, Jiangxi province with area of 240,000m2 with more than 1,000 employees. For the next years, Center has been distributed the company strategy to global market and brand awareness. Our CENTER brand, Long-life series battery has been sold to more than 80 countries and areas, like Europe,USA, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and South Africa . In the Middle East, our brand, Center is greatly recognized in Israel, Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon. In Asia especially in Bangladesh market, our brand CENTER has been the leading brand. With a strong sales & marketing team, service and support in Bangladesh, our brand is established successfully and rapidly captured more than 30% market share.

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Center Power has built a stable, creative R&D team on battery system. Its development concept is regarding “integrated innovation” as purpose, depending on “elite team" which greatly shows out the core competitiveness of “rapid response, better pursuit, customization, assurance”, so as to fully meet the special requirement of special product from special user, and keep create value for the user during special usage service.

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When it comes to batteries, no news is good news. When a device's battery begins to expire, a low-battery alert displays on the Xfinity Home app, and if you have Pro Protection, on your touchscreen.

Generally, you have about four to six weeks to replace a low battery, but how long the battery lasts depends on several things, including temperature, WiFi signal strength and how often a sensor is triggered.

For example, the battery in a door sensor that is regularly opened and closed will drain faster than one on a window that is rarely opened. To be on the safe side, it's best to replace batteries within two weeks of the low-battery notification.

A device with a dead battery can't communicate.

For example, if the battery in a door sensor is dead, it won't tell the system when the door is opened. You won't be able to use the Xfinity Home app or the touchscreen to see if it's closed.

More importantly, if you have Pro Protection, you won't be able to arm your system without bypassing the door zone

Not all lithium batteries are the same! Never use a charger that was not designed for the battery in question. Every charger is specially tailored for use with a specific type of lithium chemistry.

Why Choose Us

  • Best Value and Warranty

    Our combination of battery pricing, warranty,etc, gives you the best value available anywhere. We are so confident that our products will provide years of trouble free operation that we back them with the strongest warranty in the industry.

  • Battery Experts

    Our batteries must meet extensive testing and quality control before it leaves our facility. Each battery undergoes several rounds of testing to measure everything from power, capacity, resistance, and discharge rates before it can be used in our products.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We have a policy of making customer satisfaction our foremost priority. Please read what people are saying about our great service and exceptional products. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers.